Bulk Material Delivery

If you Bulk Material Delivery like mulch, soils, compost, and gravel in bulk transported from a site to another. In example Top Soil, Compost, Red Mulch in addition to Crushed Concrete and many other materials. Precision Exterior Contractors can assist. We can deliver a variety of bulk material items to your location. Major characteristics of bulk materials, so far as their handling is concerned, are: lump size, bulk weight , moisture content, flowability angle of repose, abrasiveness and corrosivity, among others. The purpose of a bulk material handling facility may be to transport material from one of several locations to an ultimate destination or to process material such as ore in concentrating and smelting or handling materials for manufacturing such as logs, wood chips and sawdust at sawmills and paper mills. If you need a guide to help you understand what Bulk Materials are please visit here.

Need help estimating how much you need? Please visit our contact page or scheduling page to receive assistance on your request. We can advise you on how many cubic yards or tons you need based on information that you provide. Please keep in mind that bulk materials are final sale, and you are responsible for double checking your own calculations before you commit to a delivery

We cannot refund or take back bulk materials once they have been ordered or delivered to you.