Weed Control & Cleanup

Precision Exterior Contractors knows that weeds that occur in turf can be very unsightly, use precious moisture, and rob the lawn of its nutrients. As weeds spread across your lawn, they compete for the sunlight and nutrients that your grass needs to flourish. Unfortunately, watering and mowing speeds their growth as well as that of your grass. With lawn weed control and cleanup services from Precision Exterior Contractors you’ll be able to get rid of the most common and most stubborn weeds in your area.

The two most common types of weeds are grassy or broadleaf. Turf grass weeds are treated either with pre-emergence (applied before weed emerges) or post-emergence (after the weed emerges) herbicides.

Types of Weeds

• Grassy Weeds: These weeds thrive under the same conditions as your lawn’s grass, so that’s why they are a fairly common sight in most yards. They include weeds such as crabgrass, goosegrass, and yellow foxtail.

• Broadleaf Weeds: Broadleaf weeds are easier to treat, have wider leaves, and often flower. Examples of broadleaf weeds include thistles, dandelions, wild violets, and clovers.
Warm-Season Weeds: Weeds such as crabgrass, spurge, and nutsedge thrive during warm summer months.

• Cool-Season Weeds: Cool-season weeds such as dandelions, chickweed, and white clover are most widespread in the cooler months during the spring and fall.

• Annual Weeds: Annual weeds die off naturally at the end of their yearly growing cycle, but they can sprout 4-5 times before that happens. It is best to use a pre-emergent weed control in late August or early September to help prevent the growth of Annual Bluegrass and to stop the seeds from germinating in the fall. Other annual weeds include crabgrass and foxtail.

At Precision Exterior Contractors it is our job and priority to cleanup and provide expert weed control on your property. Too identify or understand more on weeds and how it happens visit here. Weed Control & Cleanup is a common services that we provide. Be sure to schedule your appointment for us too help.