Sod & Grass Seeding

At Precision Exterior Contractors our Sod & Grass Seed service completely remove your old grass using a a special sod cutter technique.Once we are down to bare ground, we grade and level as needed to improve and eliminate puddled areas, and we lay the foundation for your new turf. Whether you establish your new lawn from sod or seed, all the personal and environmental benefits that natural lawns offer can be yours. Both approaches lead to beautiful, healthy, sustainable lawns, but the methods differ significantly from the start. Whats the difference between Sod and Grass Seed? Read more about the two types here.

Proper Foundation would be from soil analysis, tilling, add fresh Top Soil, and starter fertilization. As well as proving the correct type of grass based of ground and shaded conditions. Once the foundation is complete we lay the sod or seed. When we are done all it will take is watering by you and your lawn will look fantastic for years to come. Whether you chose to establish your new lawn from sod or seed, protect your investment by keeping your lawn in peak condition. Nurture your grass with regular fertilization, wise watering and proper mowing in result you’ll soon be enjoying the rewards of a healthy lawn.

Looking for a healthier and more appealing lawn. Start here and wed love to assist with this project for your property.