Lawn Dethatching (Power Rake)

Lawn Dethatching is a restorative service only recommend for lawns that suffer from an extremely thick thatch layer. Since dethatching causes extensive damage and is extremely labor intensive, this service will only be performed on lawns with with a thatch layer more than 3 inches thick.

Dethatching is performed using the same machine as Power Raking. The difference in the two services is how deep the cutting knives are set on the dethatcher, as well as the type of cutting knives used. Dethatching involves the use of flail type blades that are designed to rip out excessive thatch. The dethatching machine is set low so that the blades reach into the surface of the soil.

Overtime, a layer of dead grass roots stems and debris builds up on the top layer of the lawn soil. With that being said our service will remove that layer and we will rake that debris and haul it away. Since dethatching causes a lot of damage it creates a lawn that is thin, discolored, and damaged. In result of this we strongly recommend combining our service with Seeding. Dethatching holds many benefits for you landscape and property as explained with this article

If you’d like us to remove this excessive thatch layers off your property our contact our customer service or schedule