Edging Services done right

A proper design by Precision Exterior Contractors and laying of edging materials can make all the difference between a stunning landscape edging and an excellent attempt to beautify your lawn. Your lawn is far from perfectly leveled and once you lay down a piece of edging that won’t lay right, you’ll realize just how much work you have for any sizable edging project. This is why Precision Exterior Contractors edging services is mostly suitable for the job.

Landscape Edging Materials first (and probably the biggest) decision you’ll need to make is what material your landscape edging will be. At Precision Exterior Contractors we provide a variety of choices with our edging services to help your decision.

Variety and types of Edging Services

• Wood Edging – is a great landscape edging material. It has a timeless look. Unlike other wood home improvement projects, wood for edging can usually be scrounged together for little cost. Beware, though, that wood probably won’t last as long as many other landscape edging materials.

• Brick, Stone, and Concrete Edging – Brick, stone, and concrete edging are perfect for the property owner who likes the look of brick or stone, but can’t afford the high costs of masonry work. It can also be great in tandem with a brick or stone patio.

• Metal Edging – Strong and durable metal edging can be a great functional edging material or, for an additional cost, can be transformed into a decorative landscaping feature.

• Plastic Edging – Plastic edging is most often a cheap alternative to some other landscape material. Moreover, it’s a flexible and durable edging material

• Spade Edging – Edging around beds creates an aesthetically pleasing line that makes a clean transition from the flower bed to the lawn, sidewalk or other area. If the flower bed is mulched, the edging line can also create a small trench to pull the mulch down into creating an even nicer transition without mounding mulch. Using a broad-edged spade can get the job done just as well as other tools, although sometimes a power edger is the simplest way to go especially for larger beds that need a longer edge.