What is Aeration and how can it help?

Have you ever seen a large number of thumb size pellets lying around in someone’s lawn? The odds are good that those are there because of core aeration. With Precision Exterior Contractors, aerating your lawn once a year around the beginning of Fall or Spring is very important and here is why:

  • Eliminates soil compaction
  • Improves water infiltration & rooting
  • Reduces thatch
  • Helps your lawn cope with hot and dry spells
  • Has vertical mowing action which stimulates new growth.
  • Reduces pudding and allows more efficient use of water

An aerator leaves little holes in the ground and finger size pellets on top after it passes over an area. With this process Aeration holes help eliminate soil compaction which can hinder the growth of your turf. In addition to this they provide areas for water, air, and other nutrients to directly access the root systems of a lawn. Meanwhile the pellets left on the surface help reduce thatch and redistribute soil throughout the lawn. Fertilization is highly recommended to be applied in conjunction after aeration.