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Who is Precision Exterior Contractors and what do we do as a company? Also how do we serve our customers? Our company Precision Exterior Contractors is a family operated business that serves Chicago and its Northwest Suburbs. What about us that makes our company different from the rest? We offer a versatile, professional, and helpful amount of services in a variety of categories. We combine the principals and values of a family owned business with size and professionalism to serve our clients better. Being a versatile contractor company, means it only takes one call from us to Complete all your outdoor needs from Paving, Hardscape, Landscape and Storm Water Drainage, Snow Plowing, and many other services we’ve got you Covered! We we you to learn to full benefits of what we provide for each and every job or task. We will also help you achieve your outdoor needs. Our full display of services can be found on our services page. There you will find our selection of services and service options. We have additional information about us and details on our official Facebook